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 Wool Padded Mallet (Suede)(Blue colored)
SUEDE MALLET(BLUE COLORED)mThis wooden mallet is semi-padded with leather to soften the st..
 Wool Padded Mallet (Suede)(Brown color)
SUEDE MALLET(BROWN COLOR)This wooden mallet is semi-padded with leather to soften the..
108 Agate Prayer Beads
Agate 108 Prayer BeadsAgate beads are one of the popular and highly patterned like Jasper beads..
108 Black Labradorite Prayer Beads
Black Labradorite 108 Prayer BeadsLabradorite is a stone uses as a "Stone of Magic". Its ability is ..
108 Black Spot Amazonite Prayer Beads
Black Spot Amazonite 108 Prayer BeadsAmazonite name has arrived from Amazon river. It is a rare..
108 Blue Lava Prayer beads
Blue colored Lava 108 beaded Prayer BeadsIf we search for blue color prayer beads then you can ..
108 Jasper Prayer Beads
Tibetan Jasper Prayer Beads As we all know, Prayer Malas helps to center your mind as we concen..
Aventurine Pendant
Aventurine PendantThis Aventurine pendant is made from Thailand. It comes with 5.5*3.5 cm size...
Bajra Pendant
Bajra PendantThis Bajra pendant is made from Thailand. It comes with 5*4 cm size..
Bajra Pendant
Bajra PendantThis Bajra Pendant is made from Thailand. It comes with 7*2 cm size...
Bell and Dorje
The Bell and Dorje are two of these implements. The Bell, held in the left, represents wisdom a..
Bodhichitta Bead Bracelets
Bodhicitta or Buddha Chitta (Ziziphus budhensis) 14mm Bead Bracelets. ..
6 mm Om Bracelets made by Yak bone Size 6 mm Adjustable ..
Om mane padme hung prayer bracelets size 8 mm Flexible  ..
Buddha Pendant
Buddha PendantThis Buddha pendant is made from Thailand. It comes with 4*2 cm size...
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