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White Tara is also known as Female Buddha who is the goddess of compassion of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. She is the Buddha of Long Life and sometimes appears together with Amitayus and Ushnisha Vijaya.The name Tara means the “one who saves” and her job is to alleviate people from suffering. White Tara is called on for peace, prosperity, strength, health, and longevity. White Tara is believed to help beings on long term achievement and spiritual accomplishments. Her white color indicates purity but also indicates that she is truthful, complete and undifferentiated. (Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayurjnana Punye Pushting Svaha) is the mantra most often recited to invoke the White form of Tara

It is hand-painted thangka comes with 65*50 cm, unframed.

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